Indonesian musical instruments

Indonesian musical instruments

There are various musical instruments in Indonesia. There are so many types of Indonesian musical instruments. Each musical instrument has a unique shape and also has a different sound quality. There are so many dozens of musical instruments that we can find in Indonesia. Musical instruments that are characteristic of an area.

Musical instruments are not just to be played. But it also provides many benefits for the brain and improves one’s thinking power. No wonder many parents invite their children to play musical instruments. There are so many different types of musical instruments in Indonesia. Ricci-arte

To find out the musical instruments in Indonesia, we can study together such as:


Sasando is a musical instrument that we can find in NTT. This Sasando musical instrument is played by picking. To play it using two hands. If we look at the shape of the Sasando we will find something different from other stringed instruments. There are 2 types of strings, namely 28 and 58 strings. The basic ingredients of Sasando use wood and bamboo.

get to know Indonesian musical instruments//Kolintang


If you are on vacation in West Java, don’t forget to look at the rebab musical instrument.

The form of the rebab musical instrument is divided into 2 parts, namely:

  • On the challenge
  • under the ass.
    To make a fiddle, you need wood, coconut shells and 2 strings.


Gamelang is a musical instrument that we often encounter in several areas. Not only one area, but several areas also use gamelan, namely: Java, Sumatra, and Bali. To play the gamelang musical instrument we have to hit it simultaneously. The musical instruments in the gamelan are gong, Kenong, saron, xylophone, and so on.

throw away

One of the musical instruments is in the form of a drum. To play this instrument, you have to hit it. The disposal of musical instruments from East Flores from Lamande. In playing Tatabuang, you have to carry a musical instrument on your lap or hang it. The material in making the disposal is to use breadfruit wood with a hole in the middle.

Baby gear list

Baby gear list

The list of baby equipment is the main thing in welcoming the baby. Many think that the needs of a baby who will be born do not require many things. But did you know that babies need a lot of unexpected equipment? Maybe those who have relatives can borrow some baby equipment that is still suitable for use and not damaged, such as baby boxes, baby chairs, and many more. Baby gear list

But most new parents will take care of all the needs of their new baby. The new equipment will certainly make the baby comfortable. During pregnancy, of course, mothers will be happy to be able to spend on their baby’s needs. Imagining the cute beta of their baby when using the baby equipment they bought.

Baby needs

Ricci-arte– Towards the gestational age which is getting close, moms will immediately prepare cute and cute baby equipment. To prepare all of that, those of you who have become pregnant [pregnant women] of course have to prepare several needs such as:

preparing for the first time//toiletries
  • Baby clothes
    There are many baby clothes needs that you have to buy and prepare. There are many types of baby clothes, namely: diapers, pants, socks, baby underwear, hats, and gloves. Apart from all the needs for baby clothes. Sometimes you will determine the color of the baby’s clothes. Indektik colors that are often bought by pregnant women are pink and blue. Not only that, baby clothes are prepared in quite a large numbers. Because when they are small, babies often urinate and defecate more often. But still seen when you buy it, don’t overdo it.
  • Toiletries for bathing
    Newborns usually cannot be bathed immediately. New mothers need special exercises when bathing babies. Or you can ask someone who is older and experienced to teach you how to bathe your child. Must-have equipment for bathing babies, namely: bathtub, washcloth, baby bath soap, baby shampoo towels, and Telon oil.
  • Bedding
    Newborn babies will certainly sleep together with their mothers first. However, the baby also needs some equipment for sleeping such as the baby crib, a set of baby bolster pillows, blankets, swaddles, and mosquito nets.

Camping equipment

Camping equipment

If you want to go on vacation and try the outdoors, you can go camping. When starting camping there are several things that must be prepared. Camper equipment will be the main in preparing it. In addition to health, our bodies must also prepare for all our needs.

Of course, it is very nice to be able to camp and feel the atmosphere of the outdoors. When on vacation with friends, the camping holiday atmosphere will be fun. There are many benefits that come with camping. Get to know each other’s nature and know how to deal with situations during camping.

For camping, of course, we need several types of goods. Items that we can use are:

  • Prepare a flashlight Ricci-arte
    Wherever the camper the main thing is a flashlight. Become a powerful lighting tool at night.
  • Charging phone
    Bring a communication device with a fully charged battery. With full battery power, we can use it as a means of communication.
  • Bringing medicine
    Prepare some of the main medicines such as bandages, plasters, headache medicine, and so on. During camping, we will not know about our health condition. Just in case something bad doesn’t happen.


take a vacation to enjoy nature//Camping
  • Tent
    Camping in the open will certainly require a tent. If the camper itself can use a tent that is sized for one person only. If you are with friends, you can choose a rather large tent. If you don’t have a tent, you can rent a tent. Pay attention to whether the tent is perforated or not. Because it’s not funny when camping, it turns out that the tent has holes and disturbs the atmosphere of the camper
  • Cooking ware
    Living in the open we must be independent. One of them is cooking. Prepare simple and uncomplicated cooking utensils. The most important thing is a small gas stove and a few small pans.
  • Bed
    Bringing bedding is the main thing. Wherever we will sleep a bed that can make us sleep comfortably. There are 2-bed models, namely: a type of blanket material and the other with a mummy model.



Equipment is a word we often hear when someone asks about all the items they will use. Complete is a word that is often used in a job. Various types of equipment that we can define ourselves such as school supplies, writing, drawing, office, and others.

The word equipment also helps us to be more detailed in speaking. No need to say at length just a few words already represent all things. Without us realizing it, the word has the meaning of wholeness. That’s why every activity we have to be able to check the goods so that nothing is left behind. Ricci-arte

As a marker, there is an item

In the Indonesian dictionary, equipment is a word that has been added per and an. What was originally a complete word was given a role and an affiliation. A word that also has the meaning of a consumable noun. It’s not just one meaning. But it has many meanings. There are shops that list it so even people who buy it can stop by without having to go far.

represent all things//complete

We can summarize various types of objects without having to mention them at length. The word complete package also has the same meaning. This is what makes the word equipment more often used in every pronunciation and also in writing. Various types of sellers who also indicate the shop is complete also add the wordequipment.

The word we often hear is

1 pack of school supplies
Study equipment
Inquire about the condition of the goods
Office supplies and much more.
Each word contained in the writing of equipment will have a different meaning. Different meanings can make different meanings.