Mendempul Keramik

Mulai mendempul keramik

Untuk dak keramik biasanya rembesan berasal dari nat yg lepas atau keramik yg berlubang. Mulai mendempul keramik
Ada beberapa hal juga yg harus diperhatikan di dak keramik sebelum ditangani dengan DEMP-X :
– Apakah ada air yg tergenang? Kalau ada kemungkinan posisi area yg tergenang lebih rendah sehingga air tidak bisa mengalir ke pembuangan. Sebaiknya diperbaiki dahulu.
– Apakah ada sampah di area pembuangan sehingga air tidak bisa mengalir sempurna – Apakah ada keramik yg bawahnya kopong, kalau ada sebaiknya diperbaiki dulu.

Bersihkan lantai

Setelah hal hal tersebut diatas sudah ditangani barulah kita mulai lakukan perbaikan dengan DEMP-X : – Kupas terlebih dahulu nat nat lama, bersihkan dari segala kotoran dan lapisan seperti cat atau waterproofing.
– Tempelkan masking tape disekitar jalur nat, agar hasil bisa lebih rapi dan mudah dalam membersihkannya. Ricci-arte

Pengisian jalur nat dengan DEMP-X Base Coat :

mulai membersihkan lantai//siap isi nat

– Pastikan jalur nat bersih dan tidak basah. DEMP-X Base Coat tidak bisa diaplikasikan pada area yang basah karena DEMP-X Base Coat itu solvent base.
– Aduk Base Coat A dengan baik sebelum dicampur dengan Base Coat B. Ambil Base Coat A dan B secukupnya dengan perbandingan 1 : 1 . Campur dan aduk hingga merata. Campuran DEMP-X Base Coat harus dihabiskan dalam waktu 4 jam.
– Setelah itu silahkan aplikasikan campuran DEMP-X Base Coat pada jalur nat yg telah bersih dan kering. Bisa dengan menggunakan botol plastik kecap. Isi jalur nat beberapa kali sampai jenuh, karena Base Coat akan mengisi pori-pori beton dibawah keramik. Khusus untuk area sudut pertemuan dinding dan lantai harus diisi lebih banyak.
– Dan biarkan mengering dan mengeras sempurna , minimal 12jam. Apabila pada saat aplikasi dan proses pengeringan akan hujan, segera lindungi pengisian dari hujan bisa dengan cara ditutup terpal.
– Setelah kering sempurna, lakukan tes rendam dengan air. Apabila masih ada rembesan, maka keringkan dan lakukan pengisian Base Coat lagi di area yg rembes.
– Lakukan tahapan ini berulang sampai tidak rembes lagi. Setelah itu jalur nat akan ditutup dengan DEMP-X Perekat Extreme

Pendempulan nat keramik / retakan keramik dengan DEMP-X Perekat Extreme :

– Ambil DEMP-X A dan B secukupnya disesuaikan antara kecepatan pendempulan dengan kecepatan kering adonan DEMP-X (30menit) , agar tidak ada adonan yg terbuang sia-sia. Pencampuran DEMP-X dengan perbandingan 1 : 1. Aduk adonan hingga merata. .
– Oleskan adonan DEMP-X pada area yang mau didempul. Rapikan pendempulan sebelum 30menit sebelum dempul mengeras karena apabila dempul sudah keras akan sulit untuk dirapikan. Merapikan pendempulan bisa dengan kape yg basah atau kain basah .
– Bersihkan alat, tangan dengan air dalam waktu 30menit sebelum dempul mengeras. Silahkan campur DEMP-X apabila ingin mendempul lagi. .
– Setelah pendempulan selesai, maka biarkan dempul mengering sempurna ( 12 jam ). DEMP-X yang telah kering sempurna akan keras seperti batu.
– Setelah DEMP-X kering sempurna, beri lapisan cat diatasnya

Stationery lover

Stationery lover

Stationery lovers, it turns out that there are lots of cute stationery. When talking about stationery, it’s time for the children to go to school again. Since the pandemic, many children have learned to use online media. Time to write and summarize becomes rare and makes children only read through the monitor.

But the era of staring at the screen has now begun to disappear. Children are able to carry out normal activities as in general children. Start studying and writing summaries at school. Before going to school it is better to prepare all the tools that will be used. Children can ask their parents or adults to take them to choose the type of stationery they want.


There are many types of stationery that you can get. Almost all needs, sometimes we forget and buy it based on its funny and cute shape. Surely you’ve experienced it right? You can feel the feeling of a dilemma when buying stationery when you come face-to-face, such as Ricci-arte

Choose what you need
Buy the stationery you need. Try all the tools and see how much the writing tool you have chosen can do.

Different goals

The most fun thing is when buying cute types of stationery. All of you must have experienced like as long as you buy. Seeing something cute and cute makes you not focus and buy it right away.

buy based on funny and cute//collection

Not used
Have you ever met someone who likes unique things? Those who like unique and funny things will definitely not use the book. prefer it on display and don’t want to use it because it’s a shame.

Afraid of being dirty
Have you ever met someone who always maintains cleanliness? Of course, we have met, especially when it comes to dust, it will be wiped immediately. Likewise, with stationery lovers who see cute and cute stationery that is dirty, they will immediately clean it. It’s better to keep it and not use it for fear of getting dirty.

The most sought-after school equipment

The most sought-after school equipment

School equipment is often sought after by many people. When talking about school equipment, it won’t be long before the children start learning and going to school. After the long holidays, the parents started getting busy with children’s activities. Determine all the needs of children for school. Especially when children are just starting to go to school, of course, it takes a long time and understanding when children go to school. The most sought-after school equipment.

Almost every year all children will feel happy and happy when they enter the school day. A day where you can meet lots of friends and play together. Not to be left behind with a new appearance that makes children feel confident about going to school. Not only children who have just prepared school equipment.

The shop is busy

Ricci-arte – The children who went to class also started looking for new school equipment. Almost all school supply stores are always overwhelmed when facing the school season. Even though it is crowded and difficult, this is actually a blessing for school equipment sellers. Almost all children will start hunting and choose the school equipment they like.

The habit of parents buying school equipment a week before school starts or two days before going to school. Equipment that is always in search of when going to school, namely:


buy books with funny motives//lots of visitors

The main thing that should not be missed is the book. Lots of types of books are available. From notebooks to picture books. The motifs provided are very cute and have character. Usually, children will be happier with notebooks that have cute and sweet characters. There are also many types of book thicknesses available. You can choose according to your needs and the type of book you want.


Don’t forget to choose cute stationery. There are many types of writing instruments available such as pens, pencils, erasers, and so on. Each stationery is also able to make children happy because of its cute shape.

Pencil case

After buying stationery, prepare a pencil case. There are many types of pencil cases that you can choose from. Each pencil case has a cute and unique shape and model. With a pencil case, children can easily store all writing equipment safely.


One of the best-selling kits as the school day approaches. You can buy various types of bags according to the needs and age of the person buying them. Children will prefer this type of bag with a cute pattern and character. Whereas middle and upper middle school children, often use plain bags with elegant and cool models.

Differences between then and now

Differences between then and now

You can tell the difference between writing tools then and now from their use and function. When it comes to writing instruments, those of you who were born in the eighties must have tried all kinds of cool writing instruments. Looks complicated but is comfortable to use. In contrast to today’s stationery, which looks more attractive, so many people buy it, not because of its function, but because of its cute shape.

Not only small children who like cute and cute stationery. Even adults are sometimes also interested in buying stationery that has funny motifs. As you all know, both in the past and today, there are still writing instruments with cute and colorful motifs that are always sought after.

Stationery change

Today’s children, may not be aware of changes in stationery. Ricci-arte – But those of you who were born in the eighties are certainly aware of the big changes to writing instruments. Here is some stationery that you can compare, namely:


One of the writing tools that is now often used in writing and drawing. The pencil that used to use wood was given a pink eraser on top. While the pencil now has a funny shape. There are various types of pencils that you can find such as mechanical pencils, motifs, stacking, and others.

Sharpener or sharpener

If the pencil is blunt and not sharp, you can use a sharpener or sharpener. The sharpener model in earlier times was round with glass underneath. As the times changed, the sharpener also changed. It has a funny shape – funny and cute.


To count a number, of course, you need a tool in the form of an abacus or you can also use a small stick to learn to count. When compared to now, more advanced calculation tools can be done using a calculator or cellphone.


change in form and more unique//cloth pat

At school, if you want to store stationery, use a pencil. In the old days, pencils used a stacked model made of cans or plastic. Now there is no need to use canned pencil models, they have started using environmentally friendly fabrics. It has a funny and cute picture pattern.

Tool For Re-grout Ceramic Seeping

Tool For Re-grout Ceramic Seeping

Ceramics that have holes without grout must be filled in immediately. Because later ceramics that do not have grout will cause water to enter the ceiling or ceramic easily. Ceramics that don’t have grout, so you have to fill it in immediately and make sure you have all the equipment you like

  1. Scrubs [ Ricci-arte ]
    A scrub is a small tool for picking up dirt or cleaning dirt between ceramic tiles. Even though the ceramic has been grouted, make sure that the grout that is still there is still strong. If it is not strong then you need to re-nat. In addition to cleaning damaged grout, the scrub itself can be used as a tool to fill hard liquid in perforated grout.
  2. Sandpaper
    the function of sandpaper is to clean the grout that has been filled. Usually filling the grout will definitely be messy, if you are having trouble cleaning it with water then you can use sandpaper.
  3. Adhesive glue
    adhesive glue for the contents of the grout must be used. Self-adhesive glue such as Demp-x adhesive or grout powder alone. When filling in the grout, make sure you have used a base coat first. By filling in the grout with holes so that it is denser, the grout that will be used is not wasted.
  4. Oil Paint / Leak-proof coating paint
    You can buy oil paint or leak-proof coating paint on ceramics at a hardware store. You can choose leak-proof coating paint in mature or clear colors.
tool for grout//scrubs



Bulldozer menjadi salah satu nama yang mungkin sudah tidak asing untuk kalian di dunia kerja. Bila kalian melihat proyek bangunan pasti menemukan sebuah kendaraan yang besar bisa mengambil pasir dan merobohkan bangunan hanya dengan sekali hentakan saja. Maka tidak salah lagi kalau bulldozer merupakan alat berat yang paling banyak digunakan.

Dengan bodynya yang besar dan alat yang kuat bisa mengambil apa saja dengan mudah. Banyak yang berpikir kalau bulldozer hanya alat untuk mengambil barang saja. orang awam tidak tahu kalau mesin besar dengan alat kuatnya memiliki banyak manfaatnya. Sebuah manfaat yang bisa membuat kalian selalu menggunakannya.

Berikut manfaat yang bisa kalian gunakan yaitu:

  • Membersihkan

Ricci-arte – Untuk orang biasa membersihkan kotoran yang kecil tentu akan mudah membersihkannya. Tetapi kalau lahan yang di bersihkannya besar maka kalian harus menyiapkan alat untuk mengambilnya. Bila lahan yang di bersihkan besar maka membutuhkan alat besar pula untuk mengambilnya.

  • Membuat Lahan

Dalam membangun sebuah rumah atau bangunan tentu memerlukan lintasan untuk bisa melewati dan masuk kedalam proyek. Bulldozer bisa memberi banyak solusi dengan membuat jalan, membuka saluran air, dan masih banyak lagi. dengan kemampuannya besar dan cepat membuat langkah pembangunan jadi mudah.

berguna dalam bangunan//meratakan tanah
  • Menggali

Untuk membuat saluran bukan hanya membuka jalan saja. Tetapi juga harus melakukan penggalian. Tanah yang sudah di gali oleh mesin besar akan di pindahkan ke tanah yang lain. Sekali angkut bukan tanah sedikit yang bawa melainkan sangat banyak.

Jarak pendek

Saat mengambil tanah dan meletakkan tanah jaraknya tidaklah jauh. Meski membawa banyak tanah jarak taruhnya pendek tidak jauh. Bulldozer lebih sering digunakan dalam proyek membangun saluran air, membuat tanggul, Mengangkat pohon dan lain – lainnya.

  • Meratakan Tanah

Selain mengambil dan membersihkan tanah. Ternyata mesin besar ini juga bisa di gunakan untuk meratakan tanah. Bahkan sering digunakan dalam menyebarkan tanah serta mengangkat barang – barang berat.