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If you want to do gardening, prepare tools

Want to do gardening, prepare tools that can make it easy for you to move and plant plants. When talking about plants, what you have to pay attention to is the location of the land and the equipment for planting. Of course, this is a sign and a must-have for you to become a great gardener. Gardening alar

Using tools carelessly can damage the plants and make the place a mess. In order for your garden or yard to be clean and well-maintained, of course, patience and complete tools are needed in maintaining the garden, not using just any tools. Of course, those of you who like gardening, won’t have any trouble getting tools. Ricci-arte

garden supplies


To take the soil and sift the soil the thing you need is a shovel. You can easily use the sharp end to cut off the parts of the plant you don’t want.


not only the building gardeners also need//many kinds

The fork used for planting is not a dinner fork, my friend. But a fork is usually used to collect leaves in the garden or in the garden. If you are in a large garden with rather wet soil, it will certainly make it difficult for you to clean the garden. By using a garden fork everything is faster and easier.

Garden hoe

It’s not just buildings that use hoes. The planter or gardener also needs a Hoe. The hoe is better known among construction workers as a tool for sifting and picking up soil or sand. But for gardeners, the hoe can also be used as a tool for loosening the soil if the land is large.


Looking at the crop model is untidy and an eyesore. Then you will definitely prune the plant soon. What are you trimming with? To cut or trim it can use scissors. Not ordinary scissors but scissors that are used to cut plants. There are two types of scissors that you can find on the plantation, namely small scissors with a knife model like a crescent moon, and large scissors that use two hands to move them.

Even though you want your garden to look beautiful and clean, it doesn’t mean your hands are hurt and dirty. Use special gloves in planting. Gloves that can protect your hands from muddy and dirty soil while keeping your hands from getting injured.