Inexpensive drawing tool

Inexpensive drawing tool

Inexpensive drawing tools can make it easy for you to draw. Hearing the word picture will automatically lead to the drawing tools. For those of you who like to draw comics or anime drawings, of course, you need some additional tools that you can use. Look for a sketch tool that makes it easy for you to shape every curve of comic characters.

It’s just that in order to be a great draftsman, you have to have great tools too. Not all drawing tools are expensive. There are several tools that you can use at a low price. Of course, you are not curious about what tools you can get at low prices.

Here are some of the items:

Pen tablets

Ricci-arte – One of the tools that you can get at a fairly affordable price. You can give HUION brand products. Tablets that provide low prices with several complete and interesting features. You can say that HUION tablets are good, not inferior to other brands of tablets. So you can easily draw your anime characters easily. The feature most often used is the connection of the tablet pen to the Android phone. Can easily apply it without complications.


If you like to draw and for the first time you want to start drawing, you can use a stylus. No need to give a new device at a high price. You can use a stylus. A tool that has been developed and can be connected with several other devices such as Android or IOS. The pen-like model makes it easier for you to shape and move freely.

affordable prices//advanced tools

Colored pencils
In addition to sophisticated electronic tools, you can start doing manual coloring using colored pencils. Every color that is produced by colored pencils is very beautiful and also sweet. One of the colored pencils that are often used are Luna and Faber Castell’s colored pencils. Each colored pencil has a different number of colors based on the contents of the box. There are many different colored pencil refills available. From cheap prices to quite expensive prices.

Alat Gambar murah

Alat Gambar murah

Alat gambar murah bisa kalian temukan di beberapa toko buku. Bila membicarakan gambar tentu kalian akan langsung terpikirkan ke arah alat gambarnya. Sebagai seorang pencinta gambar tentu akan melengkapi semua alatnya menjadi lebih complet. Ada banyak jenis alat gambar yang bisa kalian gunakan dalam mengambar seperti : pensil warna, buku gambar, crayon, cat air, dan masih banyak lagi.

Tapi apa jadinya bila semua alat gambar yang kalian kumpulkan ternyata sangat mahal. Tentu kalian akan jadi lesu dan mencari cara untuk bisa mendapatkan alat gambar yang harganya terjangkau. Mengambar merupakan salah satu kegiatan yang paling menyenangkan. Di saat sedang sedih atau senang kalian bisa utarakan semuanya di sebuah lukisan.


Ricci-arte – Ada banyak jenis alat gambar yang bisa kalian temukan. Hampir semua alat gambar yang di jual memiliki harga yang cukup mahal. Hal tersebut tentu akan membuat kalian tidak bisa membeliinya. Tapi tahukah kalian kalau dari semua alat gambar yang mahal ternyada ada pula alat gambar yang murah.

Tidak semua alat gambar mahal. Tentu kalian penasaran bukan mengenai alat gambar apa yang memiliki nilai rumah?

  • Crayon
penganti warna cat air//warna cantik

Salah satu alat gambar yang mempunyai nilai murah. Alat gambar yang mudah di gunakan dan memberi warna – warna yang cantik.

Kertas kreep

Kertas kreep atau kertas kendor bisa menjadi alat gambar. Bagi kalian yang suka berkarya tentu tahu bagaimana cara menggunakan kertas kreep atau kertas kendor. Kertas yang di kenakan air akan luntur dan bisa menghasilkan warna sesuai dengan warna kertas. Pewarnaan alami yang bisa kalian gunakan sebagai cat air.

  • Pensil Warna

Ada banyak jenis pensil warna yang bisa kalian dapatkan dari harga murah sampai mahal. Setiap mereka pensil warna akan mempengaruhi harga dari pensil warna. Ada berbagai jenis ukuran di dalam pencil warna ukuran kecil atau besar. Pensil warna yang kecil akan memberi harga lebih murah dari pensil warna yang isinya lebih banyak atau Panjang.

Jenis Cetakan kue

Jenis Cetakan kue

Jenis cetakan kue ada banyak macam dan berbeda – beda bahan dasar cetakan. Bagi kalian yang suka membeli kue tentunya sudah tidak asing dengan jenis cetakan kue yang ada di seluruh Indonesia. Ada banyak jenis cetakan yang bisa kalian temukan baik dari cetakan kue tradisional maupun yang sudah inernasional.

Kue merupakan makanan yang memiliki banyak serat dan lemak. Setiap bentuk kue yang di sajikan sangatlah lucu, unik dan lezat. Tidak heran kalau Sebagian orang ingin sekali membeli kue atau membuat kue di rumah. Melihat sekilas terlihat enak dan ingin sekali membuatnya. Tapi tahukah kalian kalau untuk membuat kue harus menyediakan cetakannya.

Mengenal Cetakan

Ricci-arte – Ada banyak jenis cetakan yang bisa kalian pilih sepuasnya sesuai dengan bentuk yang ingin kalian buat. Membuat kue yang enak dan lezat bisa dengan membuat motif yang lucu. Untuk kalian yang masih belum mengenal dunia kue tentu akan kebingungan bukan dengan model cetakan yang tersedia. Memilih cetakan berdasarkan bentuk dan bahan yang harus kalian pahami yaitu:

Berikut beberapa jenis bahan cetakan yaitu:

  • Baja

Untuk kalian yang suka membuat kue dengan di panaskan tentunya harus menyiapkan sebuah cetakan yang dari baja. Dengan menggunakan bahan baja kue yang kalian buat akan memberikan panas yang merata dan matang dengan rata. Kue yang sering menggunakan cetakan baja biasanya martabak.

  • Alumunium
beda penggunaannya//cetak

Salah satu cetakan kue yang paling banyak di gunakan oleh para pembuat kue. Baik kue tradisional maupun internasional. Bahan alumunium yang di gunakan bukanlah berbahan tipis. Melainkan menggunakan bahan tebal seperti cetakan baja.

  • Plastic

Untuk membuat kue tentu bukan hanya bahan baja dan alumunium saja. Ada pula yang membuat kue dengan bahan plastic. Hanya saja di bahan cetakan plastic tidak bisa di gunakan dalam oven atau pemangang listrik. Bahan plastic bisa meleleh dan meledak bila di gunakan dalam oven. Hanya dengan cara di kukus saja bahan plastic bisa di gunakan.

Equipment available at home

Equipment available at home

Equipment available at home, of course, one day you can use it easily. Many people don’t know that preparing some handyman tools at home can help make all the work easier. It’s not just carpenters and technicians who need equipment. You also have to be obliged to provide equipment at home.

Just imagine when there are some things that are broken and you want to fix them, of course, you need tools, right? It’s impossible for you to always call a handyman to repair minor damage. So, so that you can repair minor damage, you can use the equipment that you have prepared at home.

Here are some tools that must be at home, namely:


Ricci-arte – Tools that will often be used to open equipment. The bolts that are attached to the tool can of course be opened with a screwdriver. There are two types of screwdrivers available, namely minus and plus screwdrivers. With a screwdriver, you will easily open the bolt.

makes all work easier//screwdriver


One of the tools that you will often use to cut wires or as a nail remover. Nails that are difficult to take can make someone scratch or hurt. For those of you who have problems with nails, you can take them using pliers. Not only as a cable-cutting tool, but pliers can also sometimes be a multifunctional tools.


The hammer is the tool you use the most. To nail, of course, you need a tool that is strong and can nail it accurately. The hammer is the most important tool in nailing an object firmly and won’t let go. By placing the nails correctly, the hammer is ready to nail firmly.

To cut wood more quickly and practically, you can use a saw. There are many types of saws available from power saws to hand saws. To complete your home, you can choose to use a hand saw. Practical tools can help you cut wood easily.

A small weapon that you can use to fasten an object. Nails can sometimes become hooks for clothes, plastic, and so on.
Electric drill
Make holes quickly and neatly using an electric drill. In addition to making drill holes, it is also often used as a tool to insert plus bolts. A faster way of working without having to take a long time.
As a protective hand that is protected from cuts and scratches. Gloves will protect your hands from painful scratches. Make your hands protected and hands smooth smooth

Kit for cleaning cat fur

Kit for cleaning cat fur

There are several types of cat hair cleaning tools that can help you clean a room full of cat hair. Having a cat is indeed very funny and adorable. Their every behavior gives a lot of cuteness and cuteness that makes many people don’t want to let go. Kit for cleaning cat fur

Raising cats is easier than raising other animals. Those who are the most active don’t bother the household. Most cats prefer to do everything alone except eat. If a domestic cat will certainly ask for healthy food from its master.


Ricci-arte – Caring for furry animals, of course, must make you prepare a vacuum cleaner. Not all rooms will be clean quickly if you just sweep them, there are a number of tools that you have to prepare, such as:

Vacuum cleaner

Become one of the tools that you must have. If you are in an open room, of course, it will be easy to clean it. But cat hair is very much. Spread out in various places so you have to suck up all the rooms on each side. Either in an open room or even in the smallest cracks.


interfere with breathing//remove all the hairs

Besides a vacuum cleaner, you can also clean the room using water. Not poured in the room. But your hands are wet with water and you wipe the place where you think there is hair. Now the fur will stick easily. Cleaning the room with water takes a lot of time. You can start cleaning it regularly every day, guaranteeing that the room will be clean of fur.

Duct tape

Not having a vacuum doesn’t mean the room will be full of cat hair. You can prepare duct tape to clean the room. Attach the duct tape where you think there are a lot of hairs, then let it sit for a few seconds and take the duct tape that you have installed. Automatically the feathers will be picked up easily.

Feather cleaner

A cleaning tool that looks like a board with an adhesive base can help remove all the hair in every corner of the room. A sophisticated tool that you can use on sofas, mats, carpets, or even on clothes.

Feather roller

Clean the cat’s fur using a fur roller. All the feathers will stick quickly. A tool that you can also use on all materials such as carpets, sofas, clothes and others.

Baby equipment

Baby equipment

Baby equipment is the main thing when a baby needs a place to sleep as also some other additional equipment. When you hear the news that you are going to become a mother, of course, it is good news that cannot be said anymore. A happiness that you can not sculpt and express in words.

Waiting for the future baby to be born into the world, of course, you have to prepare some of the most important baby equipment. As a future mother, of course, you have to be careful and thorough when buying baby equipment. Don’t just buy baby gear. For those of you who are becoming mothers for the first time, of course, you need some references from friends or parents.

The equipment that you have to prepare is:

Baby box
The baby box is the most important piece of equipment and must also have. The crib will become a crib. When newborns cannot be compared to adults. This is done because babies can be crushed together with their parents. So that the baby can sleep safely in the baby box. Ricci-arte

Baby clothes

Choosing baby clothes will certainly make you confused. Many people say that when choosing baby clothes, you have to look at the gender of the child, male or female. If your men can choose blue and women pink. Choosing clothes is actually not the color you are looking for but the quality of the clothes for your baby. Choose clothes that can make the baby comfortable and not easily irritated.

preparing baby items//equipment


As a future mother, of course, you also have to prepare pampers for the baby. At a young age, you cannot control the time to defecate, so you have to prepare diapers for the baby. Choose the type of pampers that have the best quality for babies.

Diapers and pants

Prepare diapers and pants for the baby. Prepare more baby diapers so you don’t run out when changing baby diapers in winter. Choose good quality pants and choose pants that are comfortable to wear on your baby.

Of course, there is much more equipment that you have to prepare such as:

Bolster pillow
Baby socks
Baby hat
Baby hanging t-shirt
Mosquito net
Baby swaddle
Bottle of milk
Bottle cleaning tool
Baby shampoo
Hand and body wash
Moisturizing and others.

Cooking ware

Cooking ware

There are many types of cooking utensils, ranging from tools that are easy to use to difficult to use. Cooking is the main thing at home. Preparing food and also several kinds of side dishes is the main thing. Everyone who is at home, of course, those who like to cook will be happy if the cooking utensils they have are very complete.

Having complete cooking utensils will make it easy for you to make dishes quickly. For those of you who are just getting married, of course, you will find it very difficult, not when you want to eat, you can’t cook. To be able to cook, of course, you have to start buying some cooking utensils at home.

Here are some cooking tools that are often used, namely: Ricci-arte


Cookware that has different sizes. From small size to large size. Tools that you can also use in cooking on a large scale such as a celebration or a small scale to eat yourself.


A frying pan is a tool that is often used by many people. You can use any type of cooking with a frying pan.

has many functions//wok crew


Implant / Sutil tool that is often used as a food stirrer. There are many types of silk that you can have. The tool also has several different types of materials, from plastic and aluminum.


If you like modern cooking styles, of course, you will have Teflon. A tool that is often used for all kinds of food. The function of Teflon is almost the same as a frying pan, you can use it for any cooking.

Fried lifter

A fry lifter or a frying pan is a tool that you often use when you are frying. Help separate the oil from the food that you remove from the cooking oil.


A scoop is a tool that has many types. Starting from a ladle of vegetables, rice, and syrup. Each centering certainly has a different function.

Magic com

If you like to cook rice simply and don’t want it to be complicated, you can use magic com. Cookware that uses electricity and does not need to be supervised, food will be cooked immediately with just one click on magic com.


If you want to make fine and delicious spices, of course, you can use modern and sophisticated tools such as a blender. Tools that use electricity are faster in the manufacturing process and are not complicated. There are many types of blenders that you can find from juice blenders to meat blenders, and others.


You can make the dough expand quickly by using a mixer. A tool that can speed up the process of kneading the dough and expands quickly.


Baking tools that you will often use when making various types of food. There are many types of ovens that you will find, from small and large sizes. There are also electric ovens and stovetop ovens.


You can reheat cold food using the microwave. It only takes a few seconds for the food to be hot again.


Mat for cutting food. With a cutting board, it’s easy to cut anything. A cutting mat that helps us keep things clean. The kitchen table is safe and not damaged.

Alat yang sering di gunakan tukang bangunan

Alat yang sering di gunakan tukang bangunan

Alat yang sering di gunakan tukang bangunan sangatlah banyak. Bila membicarakan tukang bangunan tentu saja kalian akan penasaran dengan alat – alat apa saja yang mereka gunakan bukan. hampir semua bangunan menggunakan alat yang sama. Hanya saja tergantung jenis pekerjaan yang mereka kerjaakan.

Di dunia pembangunan ada 2 jenis tukang yang harus kalian ketahui. Tidak semua tukang sama kerjanya. Tukang utama dan laden adalah sebutan untuk mereka yang bekerja sebagai tukang bangunan. Tentu kalian pernah bertanya – tanya kenapa orang yang kerjanya mengangkat pasir tidak bisa mengerjakan yang lain.

Tukang dan laden

Dalam system pertukangan tukang utama adalah orang yang bisa mengerjakan semua proyek dengan mudah. Bisa menentukan arah bangunan serta menentukan jenis bahan apa saja yang akan mereka gunakan. Berbeda Dengan laden yang hanya mengikuti semua perkataan tukang utama. Laden bertugas mengayak adonan semen, pasir, angkat -angkat barang dan sebagainya.

Bila di tanya tugas utama lebih berat dari pada tugas laden. Hanya saja bila tak ada laden maka semua pekerjaan jadi terbengkalai. Proses jadi lama dan memakan banyak waktu. Meski pekerjaan laden terlihat enteng sebenarnya berat juga. Selain itu tukang bangunan juga harus memiliki alat – alat yang mendukung semua pekerjaan. Beberapa alat yang mungkin sudah familiar untuk kalian seperti:

  • Cangkul
  • Sekop
  • Ember
  • Gergaji
  • Benang jagung
  • Paku
  • Palu
  • Alat keseimbangan
  • Pemotong keramik
  • Grenda
  • Bor dan masih banyak lagi
2 tukang yang berbeda//jenis

Bahan membangun rumah

Alat – alat yang akan sering mereka gunakan saat membangun rumah. Bukan hanya alat – alat bangunan saja masih ada pula bahan bangunan yang harus di sediakan. Dalam membangun rumah para tukang harus mengecek dahulu bahan – bahan apa saja yang harus mereka gunakan. Bahan tambahan yang sering di siapkan yaitu :

  • Pasir
  • Batu spliet
  • Semen
  • Batu bata
  • Air
  • Keramik
  • Pralon
  • Kawat besi dan lainnya

Bahan yang nantinya akan di gunakan dalam membangun rumah.

Alat tulis yang sering di gunakan anak sekolah

Alat tulis yang sering di gunakan anak sekolah

Alat tulis yang sering di gunakan anak sekolah sangatlah banyak. Perlengkapan yang merupakan alat yang wajib harus di miliki setiap anak sekolah. Bukan hanya memahami bacaan dan tulisan saja, para murid juga harus memiliki alat tulis untuk menulis semua soal dan jawaban yang guru berikan. Alat tulis juga akan sangat membantu kalian semua dalam belajar pula.

Bila di bandingkan dengan yang sekarang memang alat tulis sudah mulai berkurang. Semua tugas di siapkan melalui media online dan anak – anak pun mulai mengerjakan semua soal hanya dengan sekali klik saja. Meski demikian media online juga terkadang tidak bisa kalian buka setiap hari. Belajar dan memahami setiap ajaran membutuhkan banyak waktu.

Mulai menulis

Ricci-arte – Terkadang media juga membutuhkan waktu saat membuka data dan bisa saja mengalami trobel. Hal seperti itu tentu akan menganggu waktu belajar bukan. Untuk mencegah hal tersebut bisa dengan mulai mencatat pelajaran yang sudah kalian pelajari. Memilih alat yang tepat untuk menulis tentu menjadi hal utama.

Alat yang sering di gunakan yaitu:

membantu anak betah menulis dan belajar//suka berkreasi
  • Buku tulis
  • Pensil
  • Pulpen
  • Pengaris
  • Penghapus
  • Tips-ex
  • Spidol
  • Spidol warna
  • Note kecil
  • Solasi kecil
  • Kalkulator dan masih banyak lagi lainnya.

 Mungkin banyak yang bertanya – tanya kenapa alat belajar yang tadinya hanya memerlukan sedikit kini menjadi banyak.

Bisa Menghias Buku

Belajar memang menjadi sebuah keharusan tapi bila belajar terus – menerus tentu kalian akan mudah mengalami kebosanan. Ada beberapa orang ahli yang mengatakan menghias buku yang akan di tulis bisa membantu meningkatkan daya belajar anak. Dengan mendapatkan hiasan di setiap buku mereka bisa menentukan halaman mana dengan mudah.

Tidak perlu lagi membuka buku dengan satu persatu membuang waktu. Bagi orang lain mungkin hanya membuat buku terlihat berantakan. Tapi tahukah kalian kalau ternyata alat tulis yang mereka gunakan bisa membantu anak jadi betah belajar dan berkreasi. Meningkatkan daya imajinasi anak.

Expensive stationery

Expensive stationery

There are many kinds of expensive stationery. Writing is the most important thing in the whole world. Almost all over the world people do work related to writing. There are tons of writing tools available. Starting from pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, and much more.

In this advanced and developing era, finding stationery is very easy. You can buy stationery at bookstores, or photocopying places, or you can online media. Of course, all you have to do is buy and choose the type of stationery you want. But did you know that stationery has a variety of prices?

Stationery quality

The cheaper the stationery, the quality of the product is not good. Unlike expensive stationery, it can give the impression of luxury and the quality of the product is very good. Many think that stationery can be so expensive. Ricci-arte Expensive stationery is usually often used by people with high positions or who really like the best results.

Of course, you are not curious about the stationery. The following are some of the stationery available such as;

decoration and ink that is not smooth//expensive pen

Nocturnal fulgor pen
Stationery that has a very expensive sale value. This stationery made in Italy sells at quite high prices, around eight million US dollars or with a nominal value of one hundred and one billion rupiahs.

Graf von Faber Castle
Graf von Faber Castel is a limited-edition pencil. This pencil that has a sharpness like a pen also offers a pretty fantastic price of one hundred and sixty million rupiahs. This pencil is not just any pencil. Graf von Faber Castel uses old olive wood as the pencil lead and doesn’t forget to decorate it in white gold with beautiful diamonds. Three diamonds can make people speechless. Complete with eraser and pencil sharpener.

Mont blanc
A pen with very good ink quality. The ink won’t spill or spill everywhere. At first glance it looks like an ordinary pen but who would have thought that a mont blanc pen had a very expensive price? To have it, you have to spend nine point two billion rupiahs to be able to have it.