Cooking ware

Cooking ware

Cooking ware

There are many types of cooking utensils, ranging from tools that are easy to use to difficult to use. Cooking is the main thing at home. Preparing food and also several kinds of side dishes is the main thing. Everyone who is at home, of course, those who like to cook will be happy if the cooking utensils they have are very complete.

Having complete cooking utensils will make it easy for you to make dishes quickly. For those of you who are just getting married, of course, you will find it very difficult, not when you want to eat, you can’t cook. To be able to cook, of course, you have to start buying some cooking utensils at home.

Here are some cooking tools that are often used, namely: Ricci-arte


Cookware that has different sizes. From small size to large size. Tools that you can also use in cooking on a large scale such as a celebration or a small scale to eat yourself.


A frying pan is a tool that is often used by many people. You can use any type of cooking with a frying pan.

has many functions//wok crew


Implant / Sutil tool that is often used as a food stirrer. There are many types of silk that you can have. The tool also has several different types of materials, from plastic and aluminum.


If you like modern cooking styles, of course, you will have Teflon. A tool that is often used for all kinds of food. The function of Teflon is almost the same as a frying pan, you can use it for any cooking.

Fried lifter

A fry lifter or a frying pan is a tool that you often use when you are frying. Help separate the oil from the food that you remove from the cooking oil.


A scoop is a tool that has many types. Starting from a ladle of vegetables, rice, and syrup. Each centering certainly has a different function.

Magic com

If you like to cook rice simply and don’t want it to be complicated, you can use magic com. Cookware that uses electricity and does not need to be supervised, food will be cooked immediately with just one click on magic com.


If you want to make fine and delicious spices, of course, you can use modern and sophisticated tools such as a blender. Tools that use electricity are faster in the manufacturing process and are not complicated. There are many types of blenders that you can find from juice blenders to meat blenders, and others.


You can make the dough expand quickly by using a mixer. A tool that can speed up the process of kneading the dough and expands quickly.


Baking tools that you will often use when making various types of food. There are many types of ovens that you will find, from small and large sizes. There are also electric ovens and stovetop ovens.


You can reheat cold food using the microwave. It only takes a few seconds for the food to be hot again.


Mat for cutting food. With a cutting board, it’s easy to cut anything. A cutting mat that helps us keep things clean. The kitchen table is safe and not damaged.