Writing tools that are often used

Writing tools that are often used

Writing tools that are often used

There are many writing tools that are often used by everyone. When talking about stationery, you can get all writing equipment at bookstores or stores that sell stationery. Almost every day everyone will not be separated from stationary. Even though the world is sophisticated and modern, writing instruments are still the most important and are always sought after.

Both adults and children will always use the stationery. of course for those of you who use stationery so you understand the tools that you often use. Almost all are the same, the only difference is the type of use and the model. Surely those of you who often use stationery understand the types:


A useful writing tool for all types of writing. Not only for children who learn to write, pencils are also often used as a drawing tools and for exams. Painters sometimes make beautiful sketches with pencils and when you take a test, of course, you will need a pencil to make a block of answers. Ricci-arte

Fountain pen

If there is a pencil, then there is a pen. A pen that uses indelible ink. Unlike a pencil, if it is wrong, it will be erased with an eraser. Pens can be erased only with a special white liquid. To write firmly and legibly the pen became the writing tool for all.

can help the writing look clear//draw


It’s not just elementary school children who use rulers. Adults also use rulers. A measuring tool that you can use in forming objects through pictures. Almost everyone uses rulers such as office people, technicians, designers, architects, and many more.

If you like to write with a pen and it turns out that there is a wrong writing then use the X-tip to erase it. There are many types of X-tips that you can use. Some are in liquid form and some are shaped like glue paper which sticks directly when rolled in a book. The existence of X-tips can make your books that have been written incorrectly closed again and neatly.