Equipment for exams

Equipment for exams

When discussing exams, you must remember the atmosphere of the exam at school. Almost all students from elementary, middle, high school, vocational, and university will hold exams for class promotion or school graduation. Every school certainly reminds every student to always carry complete writing instruments so they can work on exam questions.

Those who have never taken an exam will only think that the tools used are only writing tools and erasers. It’s true that the exam only includes writing instruments and an eraser, but there is also other equipment that you have to bring as a sign that you are taking the exam.

So, for those who don’t know, you want to know what the equipment is, right? Here’s what you should bring with you during the exam: Ricci-arte

Participant card

For those of you who take the exam, you must always carry your exam participant card. It looks light and can be carried anywhere, but it can also be a deadly tool for you. If the card is lost, your chance to take the exam will fail miserably.

Don’t forget to always bring your student card with you. For school children such as SD, SMP, SMA, and SMK, of course, they will bring a student card. As a school identity and for those taking the package exam using a KTP or SIM.

standard writing tools//stationery

In addition to your participant cards and student cards, don’t forget to prepare stationery. Writing tools that you have to prepare from


Not using a random pencil to be able to take the exam. The recommended pencil for the exam is the 2b pencil. Make sure the 2b pencil you have is original because if it’s not the original, the exam machine won’t be able to read the answers you have. Most children will carry more than one pencil.

Luckily the test uses a pencil so that if you give a wrong mark it can be erased cleanly. Also, choose a good type of eraser that doesn’t leave black spots when erased.

During the exam, don’t forget to bring a mat as a place to put the test paper. When the exam starts, you will fill in the paper by giving black color to the letters you will answer. With this pad, the test paper is not damaged, dirty, has holes, and so on.

There are also those who draw dark circles that don’t fit. Make the circle bigger and to the other letters. Use a ruler to neatly draw the circle.