Tools and Equipment needed to start planting

Tools and Equipment needed to start planting

There are several tools and equipment to start planting that you need to know. Those of you who are about to start planting must pay close attention to what is needed so that you don’t feel tired because you haven’t brought many tools. The following are tools and equipment to start planting


Ricci-arte – The shovel is the most useful tool for picking up fertilizer and the rest of the soil to put in the pot. With a shovel, your hands don’t get too dirty apart from that, the shovel can take a lot of soil to get into the pot.


The Hoe will be needed when you take the land that is still solid. With a Hoe you will quickly scavenge solid ground. The shape of the hoe is indeed large, but it is very much needed at the planting stage.

Planting makes the body healthy//various planting tools

Fertilizer is a medium that must be owned by a farmer or an individual. Without fertilizer, plants will take a long time to grow big. There is nothing wrong if you treating plants with fertilizer. The reason is fertilizer to make plants more fertile and well-developed.


Give just enough water when planting at an early stage. If you give a lot of water then the plants will rot easily. In planting, of course, don’t forget the water. So that plants can grow well and fresh. But during the rainy season, you don’t need to water it anymore. You can provide water with a mixture that is suitable for growing plants that you enjoy.


Take fertile soil and make sure there is no trash on the ground. Almost all plants need fertile soil to balance the pH of soil and water content. Don’t expect without soil your plants can thrive.