Baby gear list

Baby gear list

The list of baby equipment is the main thing in welcoming the baby. Many think that the needs of a baby who will be born do not require many things. But did you know that babies need a lot of unexpected equipment? Maybe those who have relatives can borrow some baby equipment that is still suitable for use and not damaged, such as baby boxes, baby chairs, and many more. Baby gear list

But most new parents will take care of all the needs of their new baby. The new equipment will certainly make the baby comfortable. During pregnancy, of course, mothers will be happy to be able to spend on their baby’s needs. Imagining the cute beta of their baby when using the baby equipment they bought.

Baby needs

Ricci-arte– Towards the gestational age which is getting close, moms will immediately prepare cute and cute baby equipment. To prepare all of that, those of you who have become pregnant [pregnant women] of course have to prepare several needs such as:

preparing for the first time//toiletries
  • Baby clothes
    There are many baby clothes needs that you have to buy and prepare. There are many types of baby clothes, namely: diapers, pants, socks, baby underwear, hats, and gloves. Apart from all the needs for baby clothes. Sometimes you will determine the color of the baby’s clothes. Indektik colors that are often bought by pregnant women are pink and blue. Not only that, baby clothes are prepared in quite a large numbers. Because when they are small, babies often urinate and defecate more often. But still seen when you buy it, don’t overdo it.
  • Toiletries for bathing
    Newborns usually cannot be bathed immediately. New mothers need special exercises when bathing babies. Or you can ask someone who is older and experienced to teach you how to bathe your child. Must-have equipment for bathing babies, namely: bathtub, washcloth, baby bath soap, baby shampoo towels, and Telon oil.
  • Bedding
    Newborn babies will certainly sleep together with their mothers first. However, the baby also needs some equipment for sleeping such as the baby crib, a set of baby bolster pillows, blankets, swaddles, and mosquito nets.