Camping equipment

Camping equipment

If you want to go on vacation and try the outdoors, you can go camping. When starting camping there are several things that must be prepared. Camper equipment will be the main in preparing it. In addition to health, our bodies must also prepare for all our needs.

Of course, it is very nice to be able to camp and feel the atmosphere of the outdoors. When on vacation with friends, the camping holiday atmosphere will be fun. There are many benefits that come with camping. Get to know each other’s nature and know how to deal with situations during camping.

For camping, of course, we need several types of goods. Items that we can use are:

  • Prepare a flashlight Ricci-arte
    Wherever the camper the main thing is a flashlight. Become a powerful lighting tool at night.
  • Charging phone
    Bring a communication device with a fully charged battery. With full battery power, we can use it as a means of communication.
  • Bringing medicine
    Prepare some of the main medicines such as bandages, plasters, headache medicine, and so on. During camping, we will not know about our health condition. Just in case something bad doesn’t happen.


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  • Tent
    Camping in the open will certainly require a tent. If the camper itself can use a tent that is sized for one person only. If you are with friends, you can choose a rather large tent. If you don’t have a tent, you can rent a tent. Pay attention to whether the tent is perforated or not. Because it’s not funny when camping, it turns out that the tent has holes and disturbs the atmosphere of the camper
  • Cooking ware
    Living in the open we must be independent. One of them is cooking. Prepare simple and uncomplicated cooking utensils. The most important thing is a small gas stove and a few small pans.
  • Bed
    Bringing bedding is the main thing. Wherever we will sleep a bed that can make us sleep comfortably. There are 2-bed models, namely: a type of blanket material and the other with a mummy model.