5 Tools to shrink the arms

5 Tools to shrink the arms

Shrinking the arms or any part of the body, of course, really needs tools to get more leverage. It is not beautiful to look at when you are young but have a sagging body. Having body parts that are still solid even though you have two bodies or are still young will certainly make you healthy and of course, wearing any model of clothing will still be good. The following are tools that can shrink the arms

Jump rope

Ricci-arte – Indeed, it seems that jumping is the movement of the legs and stomach. But if you realize that jumping can shrink your arms. Because the moving part of the arm will make the rope move as you wish.

Pull Ups

Pull-ups are not easy for beginners, that’s why when you are going to do pull-ups it is better to look for poles that have parallel heights. Being able to do continuous pull-ups not only will the arms become thinner but the arm muscles will be stronger.

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Many underestimate yoga, even though the correct yoga position will make the arms smaller. Continuously doing yoga in the right position, it will make the hands become statues. It doesn’t take long to do yoga which is important and consistent.


You can lift weights using a barbell. If you are lifting weights make sure the arms between one another can have the same number. If you have the same lifting distance it will make you stronger.

Push Ups

Push-ups certainly do not use any tools. If you are going to do push-ups, make sure you stretch first. Push-ups should be done regularly so you can have better development. Do it gradually to get maximum results.

Reducing body parts in a healthy manner takes approximately 3 months. For that to get maximum results, you need to be consistent and patient. It doesn’t take long to exercise, but you have to do it consistently so that your body gets healthier and toned.