Dog bathing equipment

Dog bathing equipment

You have to prepare the dog’s bathing equipment if you want to wash it at home. Since the pandemic, many pet owners have experienced difficulties during bath time. They can’t take pets out while it’s still a pandemic. This of course will make the master and his pet get a virus.

Of course, at first, you want the animal to be clean, so it’s hampered because you can’t get out. Many types of pets cannot be bathed during a pandemic. But there are some that you can just bathe at home. Of all the pets that you can take to bathe at home, one of them is a dog. Ricci-arte

To bathe pets, especially dogs, of course you will need some equipment that suits your needs. The following is the equipment:

Slicker brushes

A tool used to remove dead or tangled hair. Gentle tools remove tangles and dead skin. Many people use the slicker brush only at the end. It can make hair shiny and healthy.

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Pin tail comb

A dog comb tool can split the midline on the back or can also be used to divide the hair into several parts. A pin tail comb is usually also called a tail comb. A tool that can also be used to comb dog hair on the face and body of the dog.

Brush pins

Pin brush or half-blow comb. A comb that can help remove dead hair on dogs. Using a pin brush on a dog can help unravel the matted dog hair. Some dog owners use a pin brush when the dog’s coat is wet.


Prepare gloves when bathing the dog. If you are afraid of dog hair sticking to your skin. You can use special gloves. Use materials that are friendly to dog hair.

Also prepare a special shampoo for dogs. So that your dog’s fur is smooth and soft, you can shampoo it with a special dog shampoo. Don’t carelessly use shampoo when bathing your dog. Because it can cause dog hair to fall out easily if the wrong shampoo.

Warm water

To bathe your dog, you also have to prepare warm water. Not all dogs like plain water. Plain water gives a cold impression on the dog’s body so dogs often feel cold when bathed in cold water. To keep the dog’s body temperature from getting cold, you can prepare warm water.


After bathing, don’t forget to hide the dog’s hair with a towel. You can prevent water from seeping onto the floor by wiping the dog’s body with a clean, dry towel.


Not only humans who need a hairdryer. Dogs also need a hairdryer. Used to dry dog ​​hair. Dog hair absorbs more water than a wet cloth. If it is not dried immediately, it can make the dog’s fur tangle quickly and make the dog susceptible to disease.