Equipment is a word we often hear when someone asks about all the items they will use. Complete is a word that is often used in a job. Various types of equipment that we can define ourselves such as school supplies, writing, drawing, office, and others.

The word equipment also helps us to be more detailed in speaking. No need to say at length just a few words already represent all things. Without us realizing it, the word has the meaning of wholeness. That’s why every activity we have to be able to check the goods so that nothing is left behind. Ricci-arte

As a marker, there is an item

In the Indonesian dictionary, equipment is a word that has been added per and an. What was originally a complete word was given a role and an affiliation. A word that also has the meaning of a consumable noun. It’s not just one meaning. But it has many meanings. There are shops that list it so even people who buy it can stop by without having to go far.

represent all things//complete

We can summarize various types of objects without having to mention them at length. The word complete package also has the same meaning. This is what makes the word equipment more often used in every pronunciation and also in writing. Various types of sellers who also indicate the shop is complete also add the wordequipment.

The word we often hear is

1 pack of school supplies
Study equipment
Inquire about the condition of the goods
Office supplies and much more.
Each word contained in the writing of equipment will have a different meaning. Different meanings can make different meanings.