Traditional musical instruments

Traditional musical instruments

Musical instruments in Indonesia, of course, there are a lot of them, so those of you who are musicians can try whatever musical instrument you like. Playing a musical instrument, of course, has a technique so you can use it properly and well. The following are some traditional musical instruments


Ricci-arte – The gong has several sizes so those of you who will use this gong instrument must know what size and which parts will be used.


This lute includes a musical instrument that will issue a tone through the strings. To play the lute, it is plucked, but we don’t need to lap our feet because the lute has an elongated shape and will usually be placed under or on the table.

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The angklung musical instrument, of course, has different sizes that will produce the right sound. Only with an angklung course, you can make a song. Because angklung has all the tones.


Bonang made of brass is of course a musical instrument to commemorate traditional ceremonies. Usually, those who use bonang are at gamelan performances.


Musical instruments are rarely known by many people, but if you look at the shape, someone will recognize it. This musical instrument comes from East Kalimantan. The Sampe musical instrument also emits music through strings, if you look at it at first glance it looks like a lute. But this Sampe has the same strings that extend from one to another, unlike the lute which has different string lengths.


The Doli-Dolimusical instrument does have a shape similar to a drum, but the Doli-Doli can only produce music from the top. The shape of the Doli – Doli itself is a half circle.


Musical instruments from the Bugis area are of course well known as Talindo. Talindo has a very unique shape, like a jug with an elongated top. This musical instrument will be played when the farmers celebrate the harvest party.

Fertilizer Tanduak

A musical instrument that has an upward curved shape where the end that will be blown is a small hole. While the big hole to issue a tone. The material used to make this instrument is the animal horn. When you use this trumpet, the sound that comes out is shrill.


This musical instrument originating from West Sumatra in Minang uses a trumpet which has a shrill sound. Who would have thought that this sound that looks normal can actually give melodious results. Musical instruments played on special days only. You can see it during rice planting events or at harvest time.


The Tifa musical instrument comes from Maluku and Papua in the form of a tube. A musical instrument that uses the hitting technique. Visiting Maluku and Papua to be able to see traditional musical instruments.