Stationery lover

Stationery lover

Stationery lovers, it turns out that there are lots of cute stationery. When talking about stationery, it’s time for the children to go to school again. Since the pandemic, many children have learned to use online media. Time to write and summarize becomes rare and makes children only read through the monitor.

But the era of staring at the screen has now begun to disappear. Children are able to carry out normal activities as in general children. Start studying and writing summaries at school. Before going to school it is better to prepare all the tools that will be used. Children can ask their parents or adults to take them to choose the type of stationery they want.


There are many types of stationery that you can get. Almost all needs, sometimes we forget and buy it based on its funny and cute shape. Surely you’ve experienced it right? You can feel the feeling of a dilemma when buying stationery when you come face-to-face, such as Ricci-arte

Choose what you need
Buy the stationery you need. Try all the tools and see how much the writing tool you have chosen can do.

Different goals

The most fun thing is when buying cute types of stationery. All of you must have experienced like as long as you buy. Seeing something cute and cute makes you not focus and buy it right away.

buy based on funny and cute//collection

Not used
Have you ever met someone who likes unique things? Those who like unique and funny things will definitely not use the book. prefer it on display and don’t want to use it because it’s a shame.

Afraid of being dirty
Have you ever met someone who always maintains cleanliness? Of course, we have met, especially when it comes to dust, it will be wiped immediately. Likewise, with stationery lovers who see cute and cute stationery that is dirty, they will immediately clean it. It’s better to keep it and not use it for fear of getting dirty.