Differences between then and now

Differences between then and now

You can tell the difference between writing tools then and now from their use and function. When it comes to writing instruments, those of you who were born in the eighties must have tried all kinds of cool writing instruments. Looks complicated but is comfortable to use. In contrast to today’s stationery, which looks more attractive, so many people buy it, not because of its function, but because of its cute shape.

Not only small children who like cute and cute stationery. Even adults are sometimes also interested in buying stationery that has funny motifs. As you all know, both in the past and today, there are still writing instruments with cute and colorful motifs that are always sought after.

Stationery change

Today’s children, may not be aware of changes in stationery. Ricci-arte – But those of you who were born in the eighties are certainly aware of the big changes to writing instruments. Here is some stationery that you can compare, namely:


One of the writing tools that is now often used in writing and drawing. The pencil that used to use wood was given a pink eraser on top. While the pencil now has a funny shape. There are various types of pencils that you can find such as mechanical pencils, motifs, stacking, and others.

Sharpener or sharpener

If the pencil is blunt and not sharp, you can use a sharpener or sharpener. The sharpener model in earlier times was round with glass underneath. As the times changed, the sharpener also changed. It has a funny shape – funny and cute.


To count a number, of course, you need a tool in the form of an abacus or you can also use a small stick to learn to count. When compared to now, more advanced calculation tools can be done using a calculator or cellphone.


change in form and more unique//cloth pat

At school, if you want to store stationery, use a pencil. In the old days, pencils used a stacked model made of cans or plastic. Now there is no need to use canned pencil models, they have started using environmentally friendly fabrics. It has a funny and cute picture pattern.