Indonesian musical instruments

Indonesian musical instruments

There are various musical instruments in Indonesia. There are so many types of Indonesian musical instruments. Each musical instrument has a unique shape and also has a different sound quality. There are so many dozens of musical instruments that we can find in Indonesia. Musical instruments that are characteristic of an area.

Musical instruments are not just to be played. But it also provides many benefits for the brain and improves one’s thinking power. No wonder many parents invite their children to play musical instruments. There are so many different types of musical instruments in Indonesia. Ricci-arte

To find out the musical instruments in Indonesia, we can study together such as:


Sasando is a musical instrument that we can find in NTT. This Sasando musical instrument is played by picking. To play it using two hands. If we look at the shape of the Sasando we will find something different from other stringed instruments. There are 2 types of strings, namely 28 and 58 strings. The basic ingredients of Sasando use wood and bamboo.

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If you are on vacation in West Java, don’t forget to look at the rebab musical instrument.

The form of the rebab musical instrument is divided into 2 parts, namely:

  • On the challenge
  • under the ass.
    To make a fiddle, you need wood, coconut shells and 2 strings.


Gamelang is a musical instrument that we often encounter in several areas. Not only one area, but several areas also use gamelan, namely: Java, Sumatra, and Bali. To play the gamelang musical instrument we have to hit it simultaneously. The musical instruments in the gamelan are gong, Kenong, saron, xylophone, and so on.

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One of the musical instruments is in the form of a drum. To play this instrument, you have to hit it. The disposal of musical instruments from East Flores from Lamande. In playing Tatabuang, you have to carry a musical instrument on your lap or hang it. The material in making the disposal is to use breadfruit wood with a hole in the middle.