Types of pens

Types of pens

While writing, have you ever paid attention to your pen style? not everyone will pay attention to the type of pen they use. Only some people can see and know what type of pen they are using. There are many types of pens that you can find.

Each company must have its own model and brand for making pens. Each type can help you do all the questions easily. Even though it can help you easily, it turns out that the pen itself also has many unexpected drawbacks.

There are several pen models that you can choose from:

For pens that can be refilled, you definitely need ink and tools to insert ink. This is usually done by several pen manufacturers. So that your writing is good and interesting, it usually influences the pen model. This is why sometimes the price of a pen is expensive because the model of the pen or pen is good. Ricci-arte

When you write, you must find several pens that have thick and black ink models. There are some pens that have a combination with gel which can make your writing thick and black. It’s just that when writing it, don’t touch it directly. Because gel pens take a little longer to dry, the ink can still leave marks.


Thick ink makes writing unreadable//different pen eyes

One of the pen models has a unique shape. When compared with other pen models, the rollerball model is very good. There are several colors available in the rollerball pen models. There are drawbacks that must be considered when using rollerballs. Because the ink model is rather liquid so when you’re writing by pressing it can make the ink translucent backward. So the writing is not clear.

One of the writing tools most often used by many people. If you like writing, drawing, and more, you can use a ballpoint. Inside is a small ball that helps get the ink out. During use try not to drop it, knock it hard, and so on.