Home cleaning equipment

Home cleaning equipment

Home cleaning equipment is the most important thing to make the house clean and beautiful. There are some words that you may have heard that maintaining cleanliness will make you healthy and provide many benefits. To start maintaining cleanliness, of course, you can start from where you live first.

If you already know about cleanliness, of course, you won’t feel confused anymore. for cleaning, it takes some equipment that supports and helps the task gets done quickly. When it comes to cleanliness, of course, some of you already understand. There are many cleaning tools that you will find. Ricci-arte

List of cleaning tools

Starting from the usual models to models that are more sophisticated than before. However, you should also know the function of several cleaning tools. If you can use it and its function, you can also save money and take care of cleaning equipment. People who have never cleaned, certainly won’t know what tools you can use.

tools make things easier//cleanliness

Each tool has different functions and uses. It’s not just one tool that you need in cleaning.

The following are the names:

Brush the floor
Toilet cleaners
Rubbish bin
glass cloth
Vacuum cleaners
Sponges and many others

Gives a lot of benefits

There are still many names of tools that you can master. As you know, staying at home and doing various routines certainly makes you not easily tired and sleepy. It’s the same thing as cleaning that you have to do every day.

Doing cleaning activities provides many benefits for you, an activity that you don’t realize can make you healthy and not get sick easily. And know how to clean the house properly. The benefits that you will get can be useful in the places you will visit.

Cat bath equipment

Cat bath equipment

You also have to have cat bath equipment. Cats are classified as animals that can be said to like to keep clean. But even so, cats can also be dirty without you knowing it. Hair that starts to darken and lots of dust will certainly make your cat look dirty and unkempt.

So the thing you have to do in order to be able to bathe your cat is prepared some equipment that supports your cat’s bathing activities. Of course, you already know that cats really hate water. When they hear the word bath they will immediately run away or will cry wailing so as not to be bathed.

To bathe your cat, you have to prepare several tools such as:

Nail clipper

Ricci-arte – Prepare a tool for clipping cat nails. Friend’s cat’s nails are very easy Long. When you start to get long nails, take your time to cut your cat’s nails. This is done so that the cat does not scratch and does not damage the furniture. Before bathing your cat, you can cut their nails first so that when you bathe them, the cat doesn’t scratch them.

Cat towels

prepare toiletries//towel

When bathing a cat, of course, you will feel a vibration that is in the cat. Cats are animals whose stamina is quite weak compared to other animals. When exposed to water they will cry and run away. But if it gets into the water, you have to prepare a thick towel to wash the cat’s body. Material that gives the cat a warm and soft feeling.


Choose a shampoo specifically for cats. To bathe your cat, you can’t just take shampoo. Choose a special type of cat shampoo. Shampoo that can make hair smooth and soft. So choose a shampoo that is specifically for cats.

Cat comb

When bathing the cat also prepare a special comb for cats. The comb used when bathing the cat will help pick up the tangled cat fur. Apart from bathing, you can also comb the cat when its fur starts to dry. Use a comb to comb the cat’s fur. A comb that can make them comfortable and not in pain.

Tools and equipment needed to start school

Tools and equipment needed to start school

Starting to enter school, of course, there are various types of tools that must be prepared. It’s not only parents who feel happy when they enter school, but the children are also happy because during school many friends will be invited to joke around, socialize and even have a lot of experience that will be given. Even though that’s all that children are after, we as parents must be vigilant so that children don’t go on the wrong track, even though later the children we educate have grown up.

Things to prepare for going to school

first step to start school//stationary
  • Stationery – Ricci-arte
    This writing tool is a must-have for children. Make it a habit to bring complete writing instruments. Without stationery, children cannot write down anything in school. Even though you can’t have all the stationery. You can start preparing them one by one first. The writing tools needed are books, pencils, ballpoint pens, erasers, rulers, and others. The stationery and the book are a package on the way to school. You as parents pay attention that you choose the right type of book when you are going to do lessons. Of course, there are many books that children must have so that they have a lot of insight and it is easy to write down assignments from school.
  • Uniform
    School uniforms as the identity of children who go to school. Each uniform has a school identification tag. There is no need for other people who meet you to ask where you went to school again.
  • Bag
    The bag as a medium for storing several books and stationery. Choose the size of the child’s bag according to its size. Carrying a bag that is larger than a child’s size can hinder a child’s growth.
  • Shoe
    One thing that parents cannot forget is shoes. Each school will give rules regarding how to dress and the color of shoes to go to school. Buying colored shoes can make children exposed to punishment.

Tools for training dogs

Tools for training dogs

Tools for training dogs are not just snacks. It turns out that to train dogs to be proficient and smart we need some tools that can teach dogs thinking skills. Having dogs at home will certainly make you excited and eager to play with them.

But when caring for dogs do not forget to teach them some other movements. Maybe getting them straight can not be easy. It takes a long time to make them memorize every word that we will teach. To be able to teach him you can buy a manual, you can also from YouTube, or register with a dog trainer.

Choose the type of movement

Ricci-arte – Dog training does provide many benefits but this is Back again to the attitude of the dog. To train your dog, you must first know what movements you want to teach. Teach with simple steps so that they can remember well. To be able to train a dog well you need some tools such as:

Exercise book

The Dog Training Book will explain how you can teach your dog simple movements. There are many types of dog training books that you can have from simple moves to difficult moves.

learn to train a dog//observe

Waist bag
Harness straps on chest and back
Nylon rope
Long rope
Snacks for Dog Training
Dolls and much more

Did you know that when you train a dog, the most common thing you say is praise? Every time they get a compliment they will feel happy and get excited to learn more. Don’t forget to also train your dog to prepare snacks for them. Finish doing the task you asked for and succeed then give a snack to say happy.
The dog will be happy and will do it again. do exercise every day. This can help make them remember withy move we teach.

Camping equipment

Camping equipment

If you want to go on vacation and try the outdoors, you can go camping. When starting camping there are several things that must be prepared. Camper equipment will be the main in preparing it. In addition to health, our bodies must also prepare for all our needs.

Of course, it is very nice to be able to camp and feel the atmosphere of the outdoors. When on vacation with friends, the camping holiday atmosphere will be fun. There are many benefits that come with camping. Get to know each other’s nature and know how to deal with situations during camping.

For camping, of course, we need several types of goods. Items that we can use are:

  • Prepare a flashlight Ricci-arte
    Wherever the camper the main thing is a flashlight. Become a powerful lighting tool at night.
  • Charging phone
    Bring a communication device with a fully charged battery. With full battery power, we can use it as a means of communication.
  • Bringing medicine
    Prepare some of the main medicines such as bandages, plasters, headache medicine, and so on. During camping, we will not know about our health condition. Just in case something bad doesn’t happen.


take a vacation to enjoy nature//Camping
  • Tent
    Camping in the open will certainly require a tent. If the camper itself can use a tent that is sized for one person only. If you are with friends, you can choose a rather large tent. If you don’t have a tent, you can rent a tent. Pay attention to whether the tent is perforated or not. Because it’s not funny when camping, it turns out that the tent has holes and disturbs the atmosphere of the camper
  • Cooking ware
    Living in the open we must be independent. One of them is cooking. Prepare simple and uncomplicated cooking utensils. The most important thing is a small gas stove and a few small pans.
  • Bed
    Bringing bedding is the main thing. Wherever we will sleep a bed that can make us sleep comfortably. There are 2-bed models, namely: a type of blanket material and the other with a mummy model.



Equipment is a word we often hear when someone asks about all the items they will use. Complete is a word that is often used in a job. Various types of equipment that we can define ourselves such as school supplies, writing, drawing, office, and others.

The word equipment also helps us to be more detailed in speaking. No need to say at length just a few words already represent all things. Without us realizing it, the word has the meaning of wholeness. That’s why every activity we have to be able to check the goods so that nothing is left behind. Ricci-arte

As a marker, there is an item

In the Indonesian dictionary, equipment is a word that has been added per and an. What was originally a complete word was given a role and an affiliation. A word that also has the meaning of a consumable noun. It’s not just one meaning. But it has many meanings. There are shops that list it so even people who buy it can stop by without having to go far.

represent all things//complete

We can summarize various types of objects without having to mention them at length. The word complete package also has the same meaning. This is what makes the word equipment more often used in every pronunciation and also in writing. Various types of sellers who also indicate the shop is complete also add the wordequipment.

The word we often hear is

1 pack of school supplies
Study equipment
Inquire about the condition of the goods
Office supplies and much more.
Each word contained in the writing of equipment will have a different meaning. Different meanings can make different meanings.