Kindergarten School Equipment

Kindergarten School Equipment

Places of learning such as kindergartens have the same goal, namely to educate the nation’s children. Of course, there are many things that will be learned when entering kindergarten. And your child who will enter kindergarten will be limited in age.

When parents pay attention to their child’s age, parents also have to prepare what their child must have when going to kindergarten. Actually, there isn’t much that children need to prepare when they enter school, but sometimes parents get confused themselves. Here are kindergarten school equipment

School bag

Ricci-arte – Surely parents already know the function of a school bag. Which school bag is a place to put things such as books, pencil cases, and other small equipment. You, as parents, don’t give large bags to children so they don’t feel heavy. Apart from these reasons, the child’s growth will be disrupted.

Colored pencils

learn to draw//kindergarten stationery

Colored pencils are a tool for drawing later. In terms of writing what children need is brain intelligence. Children who have many desires so can vent through pictures. Give colored pencils that are not difficult to draw so that children become smart.

School uniforms

A school uniform is the main thing that a child must have. Because having a school uniform means that parents and children must comply with school regulations. There is nothing wrong if the child mem

Drawing Tools
Pencil case
Drinking bottles
Picture book
Places of Lunch and Food

Tools and Equipment needed to start planting

Tools and Equipment needed to start planting

There are several tools and equipment to start planting that you need to know. Those of you who are about to start planting must pay close attention to what is needed so that you don’t feel tired because you haven’t brought many tools. The following are tools and equipment to start planting


Ricci-arte – The shovel is the most useful tool for picking up fertilizer and the rest of the soil to put in the pot. With a shovel, your hands don’t get too dirty apart from that, the shovel can take a lot of soil to get into the pot.


The Hoe will be needed when you take the land that is still solid. With a Hoe you will quickly scavenge solid ground. The shape of the hoe is indeed large, but it is very much needed at the planting stage.

Planting makes the body healthy//various planting tools

Fertilizer is a medium that must be owned by a farmer or an individual. Without fertilizer, plants will take a long time to grow big. There is nothing wrong if you treating plants with fertilizer. The reason is fertilizer to make plants more fertile and well-developed.


Give just enough water when planting at an early stage. If you give a lot of water then the plants will rot easily. In planting, of course, don’t forget the water. So that plants can grow well and fresh. But during the rainy season, you don’t need to water it anymore. You can provide water with a mixture that is suitable for growing plants that you enjoy.


Take fertile soil and make sure there is no trash on the ground. Almost all plants need fertile soil to balance the pH of soil and water content. Don’t expect without soil your plants can thrive.

The benefits of cleaning tools

The benefits of cleaning tools

Clean is the main thing in keeping the house dust free. The benefits of cleaning tools are numerous. If you go back to the past maybe cleaning will seem like a hassle. Technology has developed and cleaning tools have also developed. If you don’t like the dust that sticks to you, you can start taking cleaning tools and get to work right away.

Cleaning tools become the most important tools in our daily life. If they weren’t there, we might still be dirty and unkempt. Looking neat and clean is everyone’s dream. For those who don’t know your cleaning tools, you can start asking your parents or caregivers about cleaning tools. Ricci-arte

Easily tired

Maybe, people who are not used to cleaning will continue to complain non-stop. Feeling that cleaning is a very dirty and disgusting type of work. Making the appearance that was originally neat and clean becomes dirty again. doing cleaning makes the body tired and tired.

Each tool has a different function//Miscellaneous

With sophisticated tools, of course, you no longer experience difficulties in cleaning the house. Many cleaning tools provide many conveniences for you. it doesn’t need to be difficult to clean, sophisticated cleaning tools are ready to do all the work.

Can use cleaning services

The higher and bigger you get, the more places you have to clean up. One tool alone will not be enough to clean the house. You can take important tools in cleaning items such as brooms, mops, vacuums, and many more. There are several places that offer cleaning services for every resident.

A cleaning service that can help you clean your house quickly and cleanly. Just wait for them to work and you just wait beautifully. Cleaning services have also prepared cleaning tools that are suitable and in accordance with them. The benefits that you get when cleaning your house are numerous.

The results obtained when the house is clean are:

Can help the house to be healthy
Gives a sense of comfort
No smell
There is no dust
The guests feel at home

Traditional musical instruments

Traditional musical instruments

Musical instruments in Indonesia, of course, there are a lot of them, so those of you who are musicians can try whatever musical instrument you like. Playing a musical instrument, of course, has a technique so you can use it properly and well. The following are some traditional musical instruments


Ricci-arte – The gong has several sizes so those of you who will use this gong instrument must know what size and which parts will be used.


This lute includes a musical instrument that will issue a tone through the strings. To play the lute, it is plucked, but we don’t need to lap our feet because the lute has an elongated shape and will usually be placed under or on the table.

techniques for playing musical instruments//consort

The angklung musical instrument, of course, has different sizes that will produce the right sound. Only with an angklung course, you can make a song. Because angklung has all the tones.


Bonang made of brass is of course a musical instrument to commemorate traditional ceremonies. Usually, those who use bonang are at gamelan performances.


Musical instruments are rarely known by many people, but if you look at the shape, someone will recognize it. This musical instrument comes from East Kalimantan. The Sampe musical instrument also emits music through strings, if you look at it at first glance it looks like a lute. But this Sampe has the same strings that extend from one to another, unlike the lute which has different string lengths.


The Doli-Dolimusical instrument does have a shape similar to a drum, but the Doli-Doli can only produce music from the top. The shape of the Doli – Doli itself is a half circle.


Musical instruments from the Bugis area are of course well known as Talindo. Talindo has a very unique shape, like a jug with an elongated top. This musical instrument will be played when the farmers celebrate the harvest party.

Fertilizer Tanduak

A musical instrument that has an upward curved shape where the end that will be blown is a small hole. While the big hole to issue a tone. The material used to make this instrument is the animal horn. When you use this trumpet, the sound that comes out is shrill.


This musical instrument originating from West Sumatra in Minang uses a trumpet which has a shrill sound. Who would have thought that this sound that looks normal can actually give melodious results. Musical instruments played on special days only. You can see it during rice planting events or at harvest time.


The Tifa musical instrument comes from Maluku and Papua in the form of a tube. A musical instrument that uses the hitting technique. Visiting Maluku and Papua to be able to see traditional musical instruments.

5 Tools to shrink the arms

5 Tools to shrink the arms

Shrinking the arms or any part of the body, of course, really needs tools to get more leverage. It is not beautiful to look at when you are young but have a sagging body. Having body parts that are still solid even though you have two bodies or are still young will certainly make you healthy and of course, wearing any model of clothing will still be good. The following are tools that can shrink the arms

Jump rope

Ricci-arte – Indeed, it seems that jumping is the movement of the legs and stomach. But if you realize that jumping can shrink your arms. Because the moving part of the arm will make the rope move as you wish.

Pull Ups

Pull-ups are not easy for beginners, that’s why when you are going to do pull-ups it is better to look for poles that have parallel heights. Being able to do continuous pull-ups not only will the arms become thinner but the arm muscles will be stronger.

choose sports equipment//plants

Many underestimate yoga, even though the correct yoga position will make the arms smaller. Continuously doing yoga in the right position, it will make the hands become statues. It doesn’t take long to do yoga which is important and consistent.


You can lift weights using a barbell. If you are lifting weights make sure the arms between one another can have the same number. If you have the same lifting distance it will make you stronger.

Push Ups

Push-ups certainly do not use any tools. If you are going to do push-ups, make sure you stretch first. Push-ups should be done regularly so you can have better development. Do it gradually to get maximum results.

Reducing body parts in a healthy manner takes approximately 3 months. For that to get maximum results, you need to be consistent and patient. It doesn’t take long to exercise, but you have to do it consistently so that your body gets healthier and toned.

Home cleaning equipment

Home cleaning equipment

Home cleaning equipment is the most important thing to make the house clean and beautiful. There are some words that you may have heard that maintaining cleanliness will make you healthy and provide many benefits. To start maintaining cleanliness, of course, you can start from where you live first.

If you already know about cleanliness, of course, you won’t feel confused anymore. for cleaning, it takes some equipment that supports and helps the task gets done quickly. When it comes to cleanliness, of course, some of you already understand. There are many cleaning tools that you will find. Ricci-arte

List of cleaning tools

Starting from the usual models to models that are more sophisticated than before. However, you should also know the function of several cleaning tools. If you can use it and its function, you can also save money and take care of cleaning equipment. People who have never cleaned, certainly won’t know what tools you can use.

tools make things easier//cleanliness

Each tool has different functions and uses. It’s not just one tool that you need in cleaning.

The following are the names:

Brush the floor
Toilet cleaners
Rubbish bin
glass cloth
Vacuum cleaners
Sponges and many others

Gives a lot of benefits

There are still many names of tools that you can master. As you know, staying at home and doing various routines certainly makes you not easily tired and sleepy. It’s the same thing as cleaning that you have to do every day.

Doing cleaning activities provides many benefits for you, an activity that you don’t realize can make you healthy and not get sick easily. And know how to clean the house properly. The benefits that you will get can be useful in the places you will visit.

Cat bath equipment

Cat bath equipment

You also have to have cat bath equipment. Cats are classified as animals that can be said to like to keep clean. But even so, cats can also be dirty without you knowing it. Hair that starts to darken and lots of dust will certainly make your cat look dirty and unkempt.

So the thing you have to do in order to be able to bathe your cat is prepared some equipment that supports your cat’s bathing activities. Of course, you already know that cats really hate water. When they hear the word bath they will immediately run away or will cry wailing so as not to be bathed.

To bathe your cat, you have to prepare several tools such as:

Nail clipper

Ricci-arte – Prepare a tool for clipping cat nails. Friend’s cat’s nails are very easy Long. When you start to get long nails, take your time to cut your cat’s nails. This is done so that the cat does not scratch and does not damage the furniture. Before bathing your cat, you can cut their nails first so that when you bathe them, the cat doesn’t scratch them.

Cat towels

prepare toiletries//towel

When bathing a cat, of course, you will feel a vibration that is in the cat. Cats are animals whose stamina is quite weak compared to other animals. When exposed to water they will cry and run away. But if it gets into the water, you have to prepare a thick towel to wash the cat’s body. Material that gives the cat a warm and soft feeling.


Choose a shampoo specifically for cats. To bathe your cat, you can’t just take shampoo. Choose a special type of cat shampoo. Shampoo that can make hair smooth and soft. So choose a shampoo that is specifically for cats.

Cat comb

When bathing the cat also prepare a special comb for cats. The comb used when bathing the cat will help pick up the tangled cat fur. Apart from bathing, you can also comb the cat when its fur starts to dry. Use a comb to comb the cat’s fur. A comb that can make them comfortable and not in pain.

Tools and equipment needed to start school

Tools and equipment needed to start school

Starting to enter school, of course, there are various types of tools that must be prepared. It’s not only parents who feel happy when they enter school, but the children are also happy because during school many friends will be invited to joke around, socialize and even have a lot of experience that will be given. Even though that’s all that children are after, we as parents must be vigilant so that children don’t go on the wrong track, even though later the children we educate have grown up.

Things to prepare for going to school

first step to start school//stationary
  • Stationery – Ricci-arte
    This writing tool is a must-have for children. Make it a habit to bring complete writing instruments. Without stationery, children cannot write down anything in school. Even though you can’t have all the stationery. You can start preparing them one by one first. The writing tools needed are books, pencils, ballpoint pens, erasers, rulers, and others. The stationery and the book are a package on the way to school. You as parents pay attention that you choose the right type of book when you are going to do lessons. Of course, there are many books that children must have so that they have a lot of insight and it is easy to write down assignments from school.
  • Uniform
    School uniforms as the identity of children who go to school. Each uniform has a school identification tag. There is no need for other people who meet you to ask where you went to school again.
  • Bag
    The bag as a medium for storing several books and stationery. Choose the size of the child’s bag according to its size. Carrying a bag that is larger than a child’s size can hinder a child’s growth.
  • Shoe
    One thing that parents cannot forget is shoes. Each school will give rules regarding how to dress and the color of shoes to go to school. Buying colored shoes can make children exposed to punishment.

Dog bathing equipment

Dog bathing equipment

You have to prepare the dog’s bathing equipment if you want to wash it at home. Since the pandemic, many pet owners have experienced difficulties during bath time. They can’t take pets out while it’s still a pandemic. This of course will make the master and his pet get a virus.

Of course, at first, you want the animal to be clean, so it’s hampered because you can’t get out. Many types of pets cannot be bathed during a pandemic. But there are some that you can just bathe at home. Of all the pets that you can take to bathe at home, one of them is a dog. Ricci-arte

To bathe pets, especially dogs, of course you will need some equipment that suits your needs. The following is the equipment:

Slicker brushes

A tool used to remove dead or tangled hair. Gentle tools remove tangles and dead skin. Many people use the slicker brush only at the end. It can make hair shiny and healthy.

know the function of the dog bath//bathe the dog

Pin tail comb

A dog comb tool can split the midline on the back or can also be used to divide the hair into several parts. A pin tail comb is usually also called a tail comb. A tool that can also be used to comb dog hair on the face and body of the dog.

Brush pins

Pin brush or half-blow comb. A comb that can help remove dead hair on dogs. Using a pin brush on a dog can help unravel the matted dog hair. Some dog owners use a pin brush when the dog’s coat is wet.


Prepare gloves when bathing the dog. If you are afraid of dog hair sticking to your skin. You can use special gloves. Use materials that are friendly to dog hair.

Also prepare a special shampoo for dogs. So that your dog’s fur is smooth and soft, you can shampoo it with a special dog shampoo. Don’t carelessly use shampoo when bathing your dog. Because it can cause dog hair to fall out easily if the wrong shampoo.

Warm water

To bathe your dog, you also have to prepare warm water. Not all dogs like plain water. Plain water gives a cold impression on the dog’s body so dogs often feel cold when bathed in cold water. To keep the dog’s body temperature from getting cold, you can prepare warm water.


After bathing, don’t forget to hide the dog’s hair with a towel. You can prevent water from seeping onto the floor by wiping the dog’s body with a clean, dry towel.


Not only humans who need a hairdryer. Dogs also need a hairdryer. Used to dry dog ​​hair. Dog hair absorbs more water than a wet cloth. If it is not dried immediately, it can make the dog’s fur tangle quickly and make the dog susceptible to disease.

Tools for training dogs

Tools for training dogs

Tools for training dogs are not just snacks. It turns out that to train dogs to be proficient and smart we need some tools that can teach dogs thinking skills. Having dogs at home will certainly make you excited and eager to play with them.

But when caring for dogs do not forget to teach them some other movements. Maybe getting them straight can not be easy. It takes a long time to make them memorize every word that we will teach. To be able to teach him you can buy a manual, you can also from YouTube, or register with a dog trainer.

Choose the type of movement

Ricci-arte – Dog training does provide many benefits but this is Back again to the attitude of the dog. To train your dog, you must first know what movements you want to teach. Teach with simple steps so that they can remember well. To be able to train a dog well you need some tools such as:

Exercise book

The Dog Training Book will explain how you can teach your dog simple movements. There are many types of dog training books that you can have from simple moves to difficult moves.

learn to train a dog//observe

Waist bag
Harness straps on chest and back
Nylon rope
Long rope
Snacks for Dog Training
Dolls and much more

Did you know that when you train a dog, the most common thing you say is praise? Every time they get a compliment they will feel happy and get excited to learn more. Don’t forget to also train your dog to prepare snacks for them. Finish doing the task you asked for and succeed then give a snack to say happy.
The dog will be happy and will do it again. do exercise every day. This can help make them remember withy move we teach.